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__Installing or remodeling your home, here at DG&M, Inc., we believe customer shouldn’t have to go through an unpleasant or time-consuming experience. At Discount Granite Marble Inc., our mission is to provide quality craftsmanship at an affordable price with attention to details. Your Trust is Our Foundation to Build. Our vision that not only lives but thrives in the hearts of our employees each and everyday. Our common value within the company remains the same – treat our customers and one another with respect and fairness. Cultivate others, help those in need, always do what is right, work hard, be responsible and have fun. Our continual growth not only provides opportunities for employee advancement, but it allows more customers to remain confident when choosing us for all their construction needs.


   Our company provides quality Granite, Marble, Natural Stone, Tile and Quartz counter-tops to our customer since 2006. As a way of giving back to the community since 2013, we are giving Free granite materials to our customer during our BLACK FRIDAY biggest sales event of the year. For those who missed our BLACK FRIDAY amazing deals please join us in our CYBER MONDAY AWESOME DEALS. Residential & Commercial application – Specializing in complete custom Kitchen, Bathroom, Tub Deck, Reception Counter, Nursing Station, Cafeteria, remodeling. Custom project includes countertops, backsplash, flooring and many more. From hardwood flooring to any type of Tile installation materials to concrete polishing and stonework, DG&M Inc. flooring’s in-house team can create the floor of your dream. Futhermore, to answer to our client demands and request, as an alternative solution to a tight budget, we are now offering for a limited time a 6 MONTH $0 INTEREST FREE FINANCING (Click Here) to our entire clientele (O.A.C.). We custom design all of our work and provide services for Granite, Marble and Natural Quartz Stone tops for kitchen, vanity tops, Jacuzzi surrounds, Fireplaces, Bar Tops and BBQ Island with a 1-Day installation turnaround time. As for your flooring, shower wall and backsplash needs, our vendor carried a huge selections of Turkish Travertine Tile, Glass Tile and many different type of Tile materials. As a matter of choice, we carry five most popular names brand of Natural Quartz material in the industry. Furthermore, we are an Authorized Dealers and Certified Fabricator for Cambria Quartz, Silestone, Caesarstone, Samsung Radianz, and Compac Quartz to serve our customers; however, if need we can special order different name brand through our sources. So please keep in mind whether you are undergoing a complete home renovation or just looking for a unique accent, we can produce an exquisite counter tops to enhance your home or place of business.






“New”  Virtual Kitchen Visualizer 


DGM Inc.’s Free Virtual Kitchen Visualizer (Click Here) does not require users to download or install any applications onto the computer and is extremely user friendly, without any hassle. This easy to use visualizer allows you to choose from cabinet color options, natural stone countertops, including granite, quart countertops, backsplash options, wall color options, appliance color options and flooring options, equaling over hundred possible combinations in a realistic manner. Envisioning how your choices for countertop and backsplash and flooring interact and complement one another is our unique way to help our customer visualize their kitchen by using our Virtual Kitchen Visualizer. All options are visible in thumbnail format for easy use and navigation. In addition, once the finish is selected, the choice is linked directly to the product’s information page where size, origin, material, color, and more are highlighted in more detailed. The finished representation is not a perfect representation of the true beauty of our product that we have to offers but our web design team are doing the best possible to make it appears as a realistic photo type representation of how all of your selections work together in your new kitchen.

Walking through a home improvement store to select countertops, backsplashes, cabinets and floors can be challenging and time consuming. Use one of the free Virtual Kitchen Visualizer options above to optimize your time and effort while choosing the surfaces for your kitchen. Mix and match to your hearts delight selecting cabinet finishes, countertops, backsplashes, flooring, wall paint, appliance color by creating countless variations to choose from for your kitchen design or remodel. Please feel free to leave us your reviews or comments about our free Virtual Kitchen Visualizer program (Click Here).



7 Reason Why Choose Granite or Natural Quartz as a Material of Choice


   In today’s innovation and technological advance in technology, there are many varieties of counter-top materials available in the market and it’s often challenging for homeowners to determine which will be the best choice for their home. As one of the most visible aspects of any kitchen design, you want your counter tops to have a good appearance, but you also need them to perform well when in use. With Granite counter-tops or Natural Quartz you will add style, natural beauty and value to your home, all while having a counter top that can stand up to everyday use. Here are some benefits of installing Granite or Natural Quartz as a choice of material for your home projects whether the use is for indoor or outdoor. However, here at DG&M, Inc. we strongly advice and recommend that homeowner should use Natural Quartz as an indoor application only due to the color discoloration that may be cause by the sun.


Both Granite & Natural Quartz are Tough and Durable

Granite is rock-hard and it is the only natural stone in nature that is classified second in hardness next to diamond. In addition to being strong against bacteria, granite is also strong against heat and abrasions. Granite is formed underground in a process that involves extreme heat and pressure. This makes granite counter tops resistant to any damage from placing a hot pan or pot directly on the counter surface. With granite, your counters will also be resistant to scratches and chips, but be careful of any powerful direct contact such as from a meat cleaver. Although granite can withstand direct heat from your pots and pans, we recommend using a mat to help dissipate direct heat contact away from the counter top.

Quartz counters are made by combining 93% natural quartz stone with 7% resin binder and some colorant. This creates an extremely hard stone that is stronger than granite or marble. The slab is the same working thickness as other materials, and it is shaped, cut and finished using the same stone-cutting equipment. Quartz, because of its design and manufacturing process, is a durable and scratch resistant product. By exercising standard care, your finish will look fabulous throughout your counter-top’s lifetime.


Granite Cost vs. Natural Quartz

Traditionally Quartz materials cost more than Granite per square foot; however, in some instance exotic granite are more expensive. But over the years with the increase in high demand in Natural Quartz, competition among manufactures and the advance technology, the cost of producing Natural Quartz has become more affordable. Leaving both natural granite and man made quartz producer competing with each other’s for the share of customer in the market thus benefiting the end users around the world.


Granite Natural Beauty vs. Natural Quartz Appearance

Quartz, unlike other stone slabs, can be crafted with a controlled appearance. The way quartz slabs are produced allows the manufacturer to ensure that the slab is exactly the color, texture and pattern as intended by the designer. There are no defects in the slab to cut around meaning no run up the cost to the customer having to buy additional material.

As for Granite, it is a natural occurrence of interlocking mineral crystals – usually feldspar and quartz – that is mined from the quarry in large slabs. These slabs are then cut and polished until they are ready to shine in your new kitchen. Coming from Mother Nature, there are no two slabs of granite that look exactly the same. Therefore choosing natural stone granite countertops means that your kitchen will have a luminous look that is unique to your home. One of the main reasons to choose granite for your kitchen counter tops is the natural element involved. Each piece has its own variation of color and patterns that make it a unique décor element. You’re kitchen counter tops can have their own unique character and design when utilizing this material. Depending on the level of light in the room, the appearance or ambience that the granite provides can differ too – making it an excellent addition to any kitchen space.


Natural Quartz Non-porous vs. Granite Stone

Granite and marble are both porous stones with tiny capillary channels between the minerals. If you spill wine on unsealed granite or marble, the wine can sink into these channels and potentially permanently stain the stone. As long as you properly seal your counter-tops when necessary, the problem of stain, bacteria or mildew penetration should be non-existent. Grout in-between granite tiles may still accumulate bacteria, but the slabs themselves offer excellent resistance.

Quartz has no channels and it never requires sealing. Quartz is very stain resistant. This makes it much easier and ideal area to use and maintain in the kitchen or bathroom environment. Another strong point of Natural Quartz is that this material is known to be hygienic. In another words, Natural Quartz reduces the opportunity for bacteria to grow. This makes top brand quartz counter-tops appropriate for food preparation and consumption over other natural stone product. If this is an important factor in your decision process than it should be note it that when selecting the manufacture of choice such as Cambria, Silestone, Caesarstone, Samsung Radianz, or Compac Quartz than consumer should make sure that the name brand is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation as a safe counter top.


Granite Maintenance & Cleaning vs. Natural Quartz

Maintenance both Granite and marble counter-tops must be sealed regularly to prevent staining and the growth of bacteria. This maintenance adds to the cost of these counter-tops in a long term by purchasing granite sealer product. This is the only simple solution to help maintaining your natural granite counter top looking as new as from day one. Granite is one of the easiest surfaces to clean. All that is required is daily wiping with a mixture of water and mild detergent. If the granite is cleaned routinely and properly sealed (Click Here), it will provide a visually appealing, safe and useful surface for a very long time.

In contrary to Natural Quartz, it does not require any sealing or other routine cleaning to maintain its beauty and functionality. When you pay for your counter, you want it to be user friendly. With quartz, cleaning the counter is easy. The quartz washes off with soap and water and looks as good as new. You don’t have to use special bacteria-preventing soaps. Short Video clip about caring for and maintaining quartz countertops. (Click Here)


Cost of Repair on Granite vs. Natural Quartz

Granite counter-tops and Natural Quartz can be repaired without too much cost involved if the need would ever arise. However, the most important factor is choosing a Certified Professional License granite company for the job. We understand that everyone wants to cut cost when it comes to repairing any thing but keep in mind that by not hiring a professional license company may sometime ending costing you even more. Problems such as chips and scratches can be handled by calling a professional company. DG&M, Inc. Restoration Care Center call 1-800-891-9190.


Granite & Natural Quartz Value and Long Term Investment

Many homeowners who are considering a kitchen remodel may think that Granite or Natural Quartz is too pricey for their budget, but considering its value over time, the extra cost is usually worth it. By choosing Granite for your New Kitchen Counter-tops (Click Here) or Natural Quartz Counter-tops (Click Here) you will not only be improving your kitchen design, but also your kitchen functionality and your overall home value. Having granite counter tops or quartz in the kitchen is truly a design statement. It’s one thing to have stainless steel, wood, concrete or laminate counter tops, but Granite or Natural Quartz is recognized as something on a different level. With wood or some other material, a greater potential exists for damage and it will requires repair. Because of the minimal maintenance and repair costs associated with Granite counter tops or Natural Quartz, they serve as a cost effective investment.


Granite or Natural Quartz is so solid and dependable, that with proper care, its lifespan has excellent potential to outlast Laminate Wood, Corian Solid Surface, and others material. As such, we believe that these two materials of choice for counter-tops can help increase the value of your home. Surely the popularity of granite counter tops or quartz counter tops has definitely increased over recent years. The unmatched appearance and quality it provides over many other types of counter-top material options contribute heavily to its excellent reputation.


 __In conclusion, if these are some of the characteristics and traits that you are looking for in a counter-top whether it is natural Granite or Natural Quartz, we can help by providing you a Free Estimate (Click Here) for your project.

Again Thank You for the business opportunity and interest in our services


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